Bottle Decoration

Our company undertakes the decoration of your bottle, in the form of print, paint, fluoridation or combination thereof.

The minimum quantity is 5,000 pieces. To send the offer required in pdf format the artwork you want to print. One to four color printing is usual choice.

To paint a precise determination of the pantone you selected.

After completing the process, the bottles are baked and ensures the stabilization of paint or print.

The process is:

  1. Send a model in Vector File (Corel Draw) format by the customer
  2. Preparation and shipment by the company of the model base bottle in 3D format
  3. In case samples are requested in addition to the 3D format – preparation and sending of samples (7 working days) there is a cost of € 200, which is offset by the amount of the actual order.
  4. Delivery time: Within 20 working days from the written confirmation of the order, the deposit and the receipt of the samples
  5. Place of receipt: CPT
  6. Offer validity: 30 days
  7. The offer is valid for delivery of your model in an electronic Corel Draw file


It is possible to paint the bottle of your choice in different colors.

βαφη φιαλης


φθορίωση φιαλης


There is the possibility of printing bottles and jars with text and images of your choice.

εκτυπωση φιαλης

Inkjet Printing

It is possible to combine paint and print your model on the bottle of your choice.

βαφη φιαλης με εκτυπωση

Fluorescence by Printing

It is possible to combine fluorescence and print your model on the bottle of your choice.

Φθορίωση με Εκτύπωση
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