Glass Recycling

Our company owns a recycled glass processing plant, with an area that exceeds 26.000 m².

The processing capacity of the plant is 8 tons per hour.

For the effective separation of foreign materials (paper, plastic, metal), the plant is equipped with magnets and separators.

The investment will be completed after the installation of glass cullet color separators and the total investment will exceed 2.8 million euros.

We have already signed a contract with the Hellenic Recovery-Recycling Corporation SA (HERRCo), in the context of which we are placing glass recycling bins to large private consumers (restaurants, banquet event, hotels). The truck of our company empties the bins at regular intervals and transfers the glass cullet to the recycling plant.


Recycled glass to receive will not contain:

  • glazing
  • windscreen
  • porcelain
  • stones and ceramics
  • wood, plastics or metals that make it impossible to process

Recycling mark for glass bottles