Winery equipment

What we do

  • We import cork semi finished stoppers from Portugal.
  • We segregate qualities, print and treat the outer surface according to client’s needs
  • Keep safety stock
  • Execute quality tests
  • Map client’s present cork closure profile (product, bottle, closure, equipment, packaging, storing, transportation, markets)
  • Identify possible risks and opportunities towards client’s present status
  • Run laboratory tests (if Introduce solutions/optimizations covering existing and future needs
  • Produce a trial batch (if needed) and evaluate the trial
  • Produce the final product
  • Evaluate product performance in short term and long term
  • Establish an active relationship with the client and his team

How we do it

Source (audit suppliers’ premises, set quality parameters, secure quantities and exclusivities)

Store (Maintain optimal storage conditions, keep safety stock on raw material)

Produce (Create the requested quality category, print with pyrography the body and top ends or with ink the body,
treat surface for optimal sealing and extraction force performance, execute quality control tests, pack, label, file)

Deliver (Competitive delivery times)

Support (Total technical assistance closure/bottle/machine)

Quality assurance (Supplier evaluation on site Incoming quality control on every batch

Laboratory tests before each delivery Traceability Technical assistance)