Bottle Storage Pallets

A system, for storing your bottles and improving your storage space.

Bottle Storage Pallets
Bottle Storage Pallets

Economic benefits

  • In transport, a profit of 24%
  • Significant reduction in storage volume, up to 30% compared to conventional storage.
  • Stacking of 15 pallets of 42 bottles each, i.e. 630 bottles per set.
  • This system requires only 3 types of packaging, two of which are recyclable.
  • Rate of use: more than 10 times, under normal management.
  • Various types and shapes of bottles can be placed on a pallet, provided that their dimensions are approximately similar.
  • In case of bottle breakage, only the nearby bottles will be soiled. The remaining pallets are protected.
  • This type of storage facilitates the inventory.

Avoid scratches and breakages

  • Stable reduced volume. It is possible to store the pallet with a shortage of bottles, as long as they are evenly distributed.
  • Stacking in VMF 1000 x 1200 mm normalized pallets.
  • Stability of pallets up to 5 sets, stacked with absolute stability, according to the capability of the elevating and internal management equipment.
  • Bottles can be bottled or empty and with or without identification.
  • Black polystyrene material, recyclable.
  • Protection of the product from light.
  • The material is a thermal insulator.
  • The material does not age.


  • Protection of the bottles from dust and moisture.
  • Protect bottles from dust, dirt, dust and dust from dust and dust.


  • Wear and tear of the bottles, following handling and shocks undergone during transport are insignificant after abuse tests over 500 kms.
  • The composition of the pallet is compact, solid, and uncompacted.

Iron Basket

Iron storage basket 500 bottles stackable 4/1 (5 levels)



  • Storage detail: 500 bottles, 13 rows of 36 bottles (9/9) + last row 32 bottles
  • Foldable
  • Reinforced structure:

– Reinforced base

– Stronger welding at the corners

– Reinforced back and sides

  • Easy to assemble
  • Identification plate
  • Entirely produced in a factory in France
  • Legs for secure mounting


Storage of other types of bottles is possible with or without additional accessories

Without additional accessory:

  • 442 bottles of sparkling wine
  • 405 bottles of Brd type
  • 500 bottles of Val de Loire or Anjou
  • 504 bottles of Muscadet

Variations: 1/2 height version

ACCESORY * Vertical dividers


  • External dimensions: 1166 X 819 X h 986 mm
  • Use dimensions: 1062 X 791 X H850 mm
  • Weight when empty: 51 kg
  • Capacity: 800 kg
  • Stack static: 4/1
  • Dynamic stacking: 1/1