ProCork Stopper

Selective Oxygen Permeability Technology

The world’s only cork stopper that achieves close to 0% chance of contamination by TCA, TCP and other undesirable cork odors from any source!

  • Optimal Oxygenation Process
  • Elimination of Cork Odor Offense
  • Maximum Aromatic Profile
  • Minimum heterogeneity between bottles

Selective Oxygenation Membrane (OTR)

ProCork technology applied to natural and artificial cork trays is a crystalline membrane consisting of 5 layers of inert high-density polymeric material. This membrane provides optimal control of micro-oxygenation of wine , while blocking cork spoilage and bitter flavours.

Procork technology is the ultimate protection for wine, while being fully compliant with both European Union and FDA food regulations.

procork technology
procork technology

The meeting point of tradition & cutting-edge technologies

Natural cork has been for years the top choice for long ageing and high quality bottling.

The most important element of natural cork,which to date no one has been able to copy faithfully, is the air contained in the cork microcells. The application of ProCork technology results in a significant slowing of the initial release (after bottling) of up to 16.6 ml of microcellular air into the wine, thus extending this initial 2-10 week period into years, with an ever decreasing rate of micro-ventilation as the air in the microcells is progressively depleted.

Wines that are tamped with ProCork stoppers gain significant benefits. The tannins are better assimilated and the fruity characteristics as well as the balance of aromas are optimally preserved!

The innovation

Oxygen Selective OTR Membrane

Using the molecular sieve properties of some semi-crystalline polymers the unique ProCorkmembrane selectively allows oxygen to pass through atomically small channels that sieve and slow oxygen’s progress thereby providing the near perfect OTR (Oxygen Transmission Rate) to preserve wine as it is and allow it to mature as it should.

The improved OTR (oxygen transmission rate) is actually aresult of decreasing the OTR of the high permeability corks but leaving low permeability corks unchanged. This can be seen with the measurement of OTR spread (as shown in the graph).

Oxygen Selective OTR Membrane

Oxygen Selective OTR Membrane

The OTR spread of the natural cork supports the observation that the best natural corks are brilliant for the wine but the worst natural corks, over time, oxidize and destroy the wine’s natural fruit characters.

The OTR spread of the ProCork product supports the theory that the oxygen selective membrane turns high OTR corks into good OTR corks, thus improving consistency across bottles including the retention of natural fruit character and SO 2 as demonstrated in further independent scientific wine trials.




ProCork Protects Wine From Oxidation

Seventeen year old Semillon from independent AWRI closure trial started in 2002.

ProCork* on the left compared to normal cork on the right.