Jar Caps

καπακια βαζων
καπακια βαζων

Our company offers a wide variety of metal Twist Off caps applicable for jars and bottles that close with this type of cap.
Our goal is to offer total one-stop solutions.

1. Optimum packaging pairing: The desirable jar or bottle ideally paired with the metal twist off cap for the indicated use (pasteurization, brine, oil, juice, honey/marmalade, etc.).

2. Great variety:

  • diameters (Φ38, Φ43, Φ48, Φ53, Φ58, Φ63, Φ66, Φ70, Φ77, Φ82, Φ89, Φ100, Φ110),
  • with or without safety flips,
  • heights (regular, deep, extra deep),
  • colors (classic colors, special pantone, matte, glossy, metallic, personalized prints / lithographs),
  • special requirements (PVC free, BPA-ni).

3. Availability. Our 4 customer service points [Athens (2) – Larissa (1) – Thessaloniki (1)] provide to our clients a wide variety of glass packaging and metal twist off caps in stock.

4. High quality products, fully certified. We collaborate with the world’s leading metal Twist Off cap manufacturing companies that conform with all the international quality standards and environmental guidelines.

  • high quality tinplate,
  • certified coatings and sealing compounds suitable to come into contact with food and to withstand heat treatments and food and additives reactions (oil, brine, vinegar, sulfites, etc.),
  • complete list of valid certificates and technical specifications.

5. Free technical service. Our experienced technical staff provides immediate support towards:

  • optimal metal twist off cap selection,
  • correct application of caps in jars and bottles,
  • proper storage conditions,
  • traceability guidelines,
  • production problem solving,
  • traceability,
  • dealing with possible problems during the production process.