All the moulds are manufactured from cast iron and are expendable.

To form a vase or a bottle, a series of moulds and fitments are being used, the glass is preformed in the blank moulds, by compressed air in order to be transferred in the blow moulds where it takes its final form.

παραγωγη γυαλιου

To produce a shape of a bottle for a 8 section machine double gob, the following fitments are required:

  • 22 blow moulds+bottom plates,
  • 30 blank moudls+bufles.

Of course, a large number of accessories are required, such as leashes, blowers, etc.

One machine 8 section double gob, produces about 150.000 pieces in 24 hours.

Each time a production of a bottle is completed, the line of moulds that were used is being carried to the engine room to be sandblasted (cleaned), repaired and repolished, in order to be ready for the next production.